Meow Wolf Interactive Art Exhibition in Sante Fe, New Mexico

Meow Wolf is an interactive art exhibition and music venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The venue was first created by artists and musicians in the area who wanted a place to perform and to give visitors a firsthand glimpse into their artistic world.

The grounds have larger than life sculptures when first entering the parking lot with food truck vendors parked outside during the daytime and after the nightly performances for those leaving the venue.

When first entering the building, there is a small cafe and a entrance to the exhibition. Another entrance brings you directly to the dancefloor and stage area. The walls are covered in fluorescent, glow in the dark art murals. The interior is a feast for the eyes as you make your way into the wonderland exhibition area.

Strings of lights cover the handmade sculptures designed like a psychedelic forest. There are nooks and crannies throughout the space, where friends and couples can cozy up or soloists can take a moment to relax amidst the lively art installations. Separate rooms each with their own themes from futuristic space station to colorless black-and-white cartoons to vintage interiors made to look like a classic victorian home.

There are corridors and ladders designed like an adult jungle gym to lead you to other rooms – all roads lead back to the main area even if you feel a little lost exploring the space. Another separate arch shaped entrance lined with static televisions with multicolored lights surrounding them leads visitors to the dancefloor and stage area where live bands and DJs perform for the nightly events.

Step outside to a small smoking section and bar area in the back of the building for those 21 and older – although people of all ages are allowed in the exhibition and stage room, teenagers and children included.

Meow wolf has locations in Sante Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado. They are extending their reach and are currently in the process of building another location in Las Vegas, Nevada.