Making a Studio Apartment Modern

Just because you have a small space does not mean that you cannot create a completely modern home that you are proud to show off. Sometimes, having a smaller area to work with is actually easier to decorate because you don’t have to be worried about the design of one room flowing to the next!

  • Welcome the Sun – Natural lighting will amplify the size of your room. Heavy curtains should be avoided at all costs in small spaces.
  • Flexible Furniture – While you want to be able to entertain your guests at a full-size table, this will only take up a lot of space when not in use. Using a drop leaf table is the perfect solution. Also, don’t underestimate seating cubes or footstools that provide a modern appeal and can double as a a coffee table or an extra chair when needed.
  • Shelving – Small spaces can really benefit from shelving, not just for aesthetic purposes but for storage as well. Use decorative boxes that accent your decor to hide things you have no room for.
  • Minimal Furniture – That overstuffed sectional may look fantastic on the showroom floor but it will dwarf your room size. Keep furniture minimal with nice clean lines.
  • Don’t Forget Rugs – For whatever reason, many people feel that need a large space to lay down rugs. This is not true! You can even lay contrasting rugs over one another to give your studio apartment an ultra chic look that will leave your guests wondering if you hired a professional to design your interior.

Whether this is your first apartment or if you are simply downsizing, get comfortable in your space! You will find you may love the smaller area more than you ever imagined with the right accents.

  • Vinings Ridge

    For small spaces, colors are important. Generally, light colors opens up the room making it look bigger, however some hints of vivid color here and there can give your room a smashing effect

  • Ran

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    Ran Sela
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  • Shellie

    Excellent advice!

  • Shellie

    Wow..I love the idea of wall decals. The site is exciting. I would like to write an article on this sometime in the next couple weeks and link to your site. Thanks Ran!

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