Make a Beautiful Botanical Terrarium For Your Home

We’ve heard of bonsai trees and zen gardens, but another meditative and creative practice that is making waves among interior designers, artists and nature enthusiasts are handmade botanical terrariums – beautiful tiny worlds crafted by your own hands inside of a transparent glass or plastic container showcasing a tiny piece of nature from the outside – inside of your home.

What You’ll Need:

  • Natural Materials (leaves, berries, twigs, rocks, minerals, soil, sand, etc) – use your imagination
  • A transparent container (any shape you want – just be sure you wont have too difficult of a time placing your items in it if the opening is too small)

I went on a nature walk and collected materials along the way. There really is no need to purchase any of these, everything can be found right in your backyard or if you live in a city, you can travel to a spot with more foliage and natural materials that are ripe for the picking.

You may need to purchase a transparent container though – but it isn’t necessary. You can use a clear glass cup in your kitchen cabinet or even a transparent flower vase.

Be certain to not pick too much from one plant or source though – an important part of collecting from nature is not stripping the plant completely and using a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp pocket knife to cut off twigs, leaves, etc.

You don’t have to plan out your terrarium in your head before you start collecting, just collect whatever attracts your eye along the way. However, one word of advice though –  its nice to have a “base” for your terrarium, for example – i collected moss as the foundation for mine because of the shape of the container I was placing it in and because i could stick twigs and flowers directly into the moss to hold them upright. You don’t have to do it this way, but it helps.

Once you’ve gathered all of your materials, place them however you’d like in your glass container. I like to imagine I’m creating a tiny space in nature for a tiny version of myself or a tiny version of another person. It’s creating a microscopic world of a planet – and it can be any planet or place you want even if you are simply collecting from Planet Earth!

Use your imagination and have fun with this project! You can create beautiful landscapes, centerpieces and decor items in your home. Bringing nature into your space can be achieved no matter where you are located with a tiny terrarium for your home!