London Artist Creates Mandalas Using Electronic Parts

Past meets present with designs by Leonardo Ulians, a London-based artist who uses parts from electronic devices to create intricate and stunning mandalas. The pieces are soldered together and demonstrate the inner workings of the technological devices we use regularly in our daily lives.

Creating mandalas is a meditative practice in itself, to see it in front of you as an art piece allows both the artist and the observer to reflect on the inner workings of our system. We forget sometimes that the tools we use on a regular basis become a part of us.

If we can recreate something that serves mainly as a tool for convenience and connectivity to our jobs or other people into a beautiful work of art – we’ve transformed the way we see the world and ultimately ourselves.

Ulians idea is brilliant in its simplicity and the artwork itself is stunning! Like a spider-web, his technological mandalas resemble aerial views of geographical systems reaffirming the notion that both the microcosm and macrocosm are finely interconnected and our world is truly an artistic masterpiece.