Lighting and Lamps NeoCon 2021 Favorites Design Exhibition

This past week, October 4 – 6, NeoCon 2021 featured a selection of new and innovative furniture designs in Chicago. NeoCon has exhibited designs since 1969 becoming a world-renowned platform for progress into the future. We curated our favorites in lighting and lamps from the NeoCon 2021 show. Check them out below!

All Furniture descriptions are taken directly from NeoCon 2021 official website.

Nuvole Di Pietra Pendant Lights neocon 2021
Nuvole Di Pietra Pendant Lights

Wired Custom Lighting

Nuvole Di Pietra

Make a statement with Wired’s fabulous organic design created with Onyx diffusers and your choice of metal finish.

BuzziCone Hanging Lamps neocon 2021
BuzziCone Hanging Lamps



An iconic lighting solution This cone-shaped pendant light manages to find the perfect balance between being a decorative element and a powerful acoustic performer. Select a globe LED for mood lighting or a spot LED, which offers direct functional light for any workstation. BuzziCone’s versatility works well independently, or as a cluster to add depth and variation to any given space.

Amble Task Lighting neocon 2021
Amble Task Lighting


Amble Task Lighting

Amble casts light where it’s needed by providing adjustable illumination, harmoniously blended with reductionist design.

Z-Bar Gen 4 Desk Lamp neocon 2021
Z-Bar Gen 4 Desk Lamp

Koncept Technologies Inc.

Z-Bar Gen 4 Desk Lamp

The original Z-Bar design was Koncept’s flagship product in 2004, and has enjoyed tremendous global success. “Generation 4” is the fourth revamp of the original Z-Bar design. An improved joint design allows for a sleeker profile (cleaner joints, slimmer body) and greater articulation. The light is 20% brighter than the previous version, and optics have been improved so that multiple, harsh shadows are avoided; instead the user gets soft, even shadows. Z-Bar Gen 4 maintains some beloved characteristics such as a minimalist profile, high flexibility and compatibility with various desk and wall mounts. The lamp also works with alternative desk bases such as Koncept’s Qi base (wirelessly charges compatible devices). Users can power on/off or adjust the brightness of the light by gently touching a dimmer strip on the lamp’s head. The lamp moves smoothly and stays in position. The PRO version comes with an occupancy sensor, USB-C charging port & tunable light temperature (from 2,700 K to 5,000 K).

Bright Group Radiant Pendant Lamp neocon 2021
Bright Group Radiant Pendant Lamp

Bright Group, The

Radiant Pendant

Radiant cascading pendant chandelier with saucer-shaped hanging lights.

Belterra Chandelier neocon 2021
Belterra Chandelier

CAI Designs

Belterra Chandelier

The Belterra chandelier by Sean Lavin for Tech Lighting is inspired by the lotus flower. Petal-shaped LED light guides beautifully illuminate this contemporary design and capture the purity of the chandelier’s graceful stem-work. Designed with a minimal frame and offered in multiple elegant finishes, Belterra provides a touch of contrast when turned on and off.

BuzziJet Standing Lamp neocon 2021
BuzziJet Standing Lamp


BuzziJet Standing

An elegant lighting solution BuzziJet Standing is a functional acoustical lighting solution designed to suit flexible and open spaces. As a solution that requires no installation, this elegant lighting option is also a perfect add-on to any lounge area or break-out zone and can dim to create different atmospheres.

You can view the official NeoCon 2021 website to see the full selection of sofas, lounge and seating designs.