Light Up Tomorrow





LIGHTING IS A GIVEN NECESSITY at home, and hopefully you can keep up with some upbeat & trending decor. More than likely, you have a generic light fixture hanging above your dinner table. Though, there are some exciting new ways to light up your living space! Some of these fixtures might be a bit overwhelming, but maybe that’s exactly what your looking for: a statement piece in the center of the most spacious room in the house. ¬†Light it up!

  • Wendi

    Thanks for sharing all these great lighting fixtures. I have a “artichoke” lamp which is the third from the bottom. Mine looks smaller though. I got it at Manhattan Home Design.

  • Ingo

    Light fixtures can be the most stunning design element in a room. The fixture itself can be a work of art as well as the lighting affects from the fixture. Just take a look at a site like and you’ll see 1000’s of contemporary fixtures that can really add a new dimension to your design!

  • James Hendries

    Very unique and decorative light fixtures… personal asset management

  • landlord furniture

    Really is it leather in first one? Totally awesome.