lebello hollow ottoman

Furniture that looks good enough to eat: good or bad? I don’t often find myself waxing philosophical, which makes the Hollow Ottomans above all the more interesting. The ottomans are part of a line of furniture by Los Angeles-based designer Lebello that utilizes polycarbonate “strings” roped into a wicker-like consistency. “Hollow” is composed of a pastel interior wrapped in a rich chocolate shell, which results in functional yet eye-catching footstools.

The ottomans are outdoor and indoor friendly thanks to their durable polycarbonate construction. Primarily a functional material, polycarbonates can be found in everything from DVDs and eyeglasses. An imaginative designer eventually realized that the plastic was also easily molded and dyed. Thousands of upscale dishes and rainbow Apple iMacs later, the pretty but practical Hollow Ottoman was born.

Rest your feet, store books in the middle, or expose them to the elements – Hollow Ottomans can take it all. They are, unfortunately, inedible. Which brings me to my last point: these footstools look a lot like fruit-flavored taffy candy. It’s a toss-up between calling these “delicious” or “delightful” ottomans, so don’t be surprised if you catch me nibbling on the corners.
$220, lebello.com, surrounding.com