Layered Flooring For a Stunning Effect

Modern flooring can be exciting, but you really only have a few choices: wood, carpet, tile, and maybe marble if you’re feeling luxurious. So how do you spice up these sometimes limited options? Layered flooring.

Layered flooring will add a richness and warmth to any room. You can go about layering flooring types and flooring levels several different ways, and each will result in a different atmosphere in your home.

You can start small: adding a rug on top of a bare wood floor. This small gesture can make a room feel much more cozy and, if you choose the right rug, you can add some geometric or intricate patterns that will draw the eye towards the center of the room.

If you have wall-to-wall carpets, you can get in on this trend too. Just place a rectangular or circular rug on top of your existing carpeting, and you’ll have yourself a splash of color as well as an eye-catching extra layer.

For the more ambitious, you can add a physically higher or lower layer of flooring when you renovate. This, as pictured above, will add depth to any room. It’s especially good for a large, open space, but you can add a layer almost anywhere to differentiate one room from another.

Layering your flooring is a subtle but effective way to amp up the style in your room, using low-cost and low-effort.