Large Facade Sized Macramé Textile Wall Hanging in Bali

Made entirely of macramé, this 37 foot wide textile design covers the facade of a building in Bali, Indonesia.

A Trio of Monumental Macramé Installations Stretch 37 Feet Across a Seaside  Structure in Bali | Colossal

Macramé requires a skillful craftsman, especially at this size. The knotting and weaving of the textile was created by Jakarta-based fiber artist, Agnes Hansella. It is entitled “Mountain, Ocean and Sunset.”

Using a 16mm manila rope, the patterns resemble waves of the ocean, corals beneath it, and the shapes and forms of birds, nests and their wing patterns in the sky. The process required a hacksaw and balanced on scaffolding to create the large textile wall hanging. Hansella tried her hand planning by sketching her work before she used macramé to create it.

However, “the finished design is mostly something I came up with on location,” describes Hansella. Freestyled textile work at this magnitude requires both skill and the ability to allow the ropes to have their own character and personality as artists manipulate them into a full design.

Textile wall hangings are familiar throughout many different cultures for centuries. Recently, they have become increasingly popular in modern households throughout the world, for their textured and 3D appearance creating a boho-contemporary take on home decor.