Kable Portable Folding Table with USB & Type-C Ports

With all the remote working these days, innovative desk design is in demand and at an all time high. The Kable Portable Table by designers, Yang Wenlong, Wang Ziyuan and Wang Yang for Westlake Homegoods LLC, is a compact, multifunctional table for those who want flexibility in where they work and how they work.

Kable Portable Side Table / Desk padstyle.com
Kable Portable Desk

It is also easy on the eyes. It comes in a variety of vibrant, eye-catching colors like bright orange and lemon yellow. It has a round top and a tubular pedestal base design that can be folded flat for easy transport. Its 4-meter long power cord is retractable as well. It will still need an electricity source to plug into. However, once its plugged in, it has convenient ports for you to plug in and charge your laptop, cell phone or other devices at the same time.

Kable Portable Side Table / Desk padstyle.com
Kable Portable Side Table / Desk

It is marketed as capable of using in a “garden,” however, although it is made of durable metal, it is unclear whether or not it is weather-resistant. Also, you would need a power source nearby. We don’t recommend leaving it out in the rain or snow. It might come in handy if you have an outdoor outlet to connect to.

The tubular trumpet-shaped base curves for easy gripping and its lightweight enough to carry. It can be used as a sitting desk, side table, a children’s standing desk or even as a TV dinner tray. We recommend being careful if using it as a dinner tray to avoid drink spills or food messes.

Kable Portable Side Table / Desk padstyle
Kable Folding Desk / Side Table

The one feature we would have liked to see on it is an adjustable height to transform it into an adult standing desk. Regardless, the Kable Side Table / Desk is a nifty, multi-functional furnishing with a clever design for the compact, mobile lifestyle.