Innovative and Automatic Flushable Toliet for Small Pets

The Catolet is a new innovative feline feces receptacle that eliminates smell, disposes of waste automatically and is cost effective.

The device allows your favorite family friend to  use the potty the same way us humans are allotted the luxury. Hooked up to your drainage and sewage system, the Catolet is equipped with sensors that detect when your furry companion has done its business and disposes of the waste immediately – no flushing required! The Catolet ensures privacy which is beneficial as most cats like to deposit their waste matter in enclosed spaces. How does it work? 

The Catolet is based on a conveyor system with automatic washing and flushes into the sewer similar to a normal human toilet. The device comes with a training kit to help ease your pet into the new process.

It is an adaptation system where the decomposing filler is gradually increasing so eventually your cat is fully in the box allowing them to get used to having no litter over time. The Catolet isn’t only for feline friends but also comes in handy for small dogs as well!

Image result for catolet training system

The Catolet has yet to be released and is being funded through Kickstarter, a crowdfunded website where new ideas and inventions are launched. 

The Catolet will revolutionize the way your cat will use the bathroom for decades to come and your home and your nose will thank you for it.