Illuminate Your Home with Brilliant Lighting

While it can be a challenge at times to keep up with design trends, one thing that will never go out of style is brilliant lighting. In many homes, a flip of the switch and an occasional lamp is the extent of the thought process when it comes to adding lighting to decor however, light should be used to highlight accents, not be an afterthought. Of course, natural light is always welcome and preferred but when the sun isn’t finding its way through your windows, you need to brighten your home with style.

  • Pendants – Hanging multiple pendants together over an island or kitchen table certainly adds a lot of original and interest to your room.
  • Strands – Think string lighting with big round bulbs! These can be hung in an endless number of configurations. You can create a waterfall with several strands or even use them to divide off a room.
  • Chandelier – While you may not associate chandeliers with modern design, you will be surprised at the styles that are available today. Chandeliers simply have a way of demanding attention and becoming a focal point in any room.
  • Waterfall – Table top lamps that feature strands of reflected glass or metallic beads will add sparkle to your space. Set them near a mirror for a real treat!

The stunning Mercury Ceiling Suspension by Artemide that is featured in the picture can be found at Lumens.