How to Save Time and Money When Redecorating with a New Style

Trends come and go. Many of us would rather not spend a fortune on a specific style if we plan on changing it in a few years. Don’t give up! There are ways to save time and money without wasting your time or breaking the bank when you are ready to swap styles.

Add Furniture Coverings

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The shape of your lounge chair or sofa will stay the same but the color doesn’t have to. There are fitted coverings you can place on your furniture to change its color or print. You can go from ultra contemporary to moden rustic with one simple step.

Repaint Furniture

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Repainting furniture is fairly easy to do. If your furniture has handles or fixtures, remove them first. Next, clean your furniture. If it is wood, use cleaning products that are gentle on wood such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. If it is made of another material such as acrylic, fiberglass, polypropylene, wicker or rattan, gently wipe it down using a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

You can start by sanding your furniture by hand. This is recommended only for wood furniture but not for more fragile natural furnishings such as wicker and rattan. Sanding helps the primer and new paint to adhere to it better. Brush with a primer, allow it to dry. Add your paint. Be sure to research which type of paint, such as oil base paint, works best for the material you are repainting. You may have to do more than one coat. Depending on the material, find out the best top finish to ensure your new coat of paint won’t chip or fade.

Swap Feet and Handles

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The feet on your sofa or handles on your dresser can change the entire look of a specific furnishing. Many furnishings require feet and handles to be assembled upon delivery. This makes them easily removable and they can be swapped for new ones. Many hardware stores and even some craft stores, have furniture handles and feet sold individually. Be sure to take measurements first. Know the amount of weight feet are capable of upholding, if you plan to swap those. Tarnished brass handles on a chest have an entirely different feel than sparkling multi-faceted glass handles. Your chest just went from farmhouse country to hollywood glam!

Change Curtains

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Changing a simple feature like curtains in a specific room can transform the vibe. The best part of changing out curtains, it is affordable and a quick fix to altering a rooms style. You can go from boho chic with macrame curtains to contemporary rustic by replacing with sheer white curtains.

Switch Out Accents

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Replace your current accents and decor with new and different ones. You don’t have to change the placement or setup of the decor either. This will help make things easier when deciding which new accents you want. Replace the contemporary bronze sculpture with the ceramic accent dish on your living room sideboard with a porcelain lily white vase and a woven straw accent dish. You just went from urban contemporary to cottage chic style! You don’t have to chuck the old accents and decor. Find a new home for them or put them in storage until you are ready to redecorate again.

Repaint Walls

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This redecorating method is very useful when revamping your style. Painting an entire room a new color or adding an accent wall will create an entirely new ambiance. Going from soft sky blue to bold dusty rose walls changes the scene from calm and soothing to energetic and strong. The style might not change completely but the atmosphere will get a noticeable makeover.

Rearrange Space and Change Placement

Room Dividers & Partitions

You won’t have to buy anything new using this redecorating technique. Simple changing the placement of furniture and decor in a room can give it a new look. If you do want to add something new to the mix, try a partition, room divider or mobile display case to separate and compartmentalize space in a specific room. By rearranging furniture and changing the shape of the room, you finally notice the lovely end tables you own or the sleek shape of your living room sofa.

There is no reason to ditch trends because you know they will change by this time next year. The best thing you can do is find alternative ways to adapt your home to the style you love using these easy, affordable and room transforming redecorating tips!