How to Create a Modern Antique Bathroom

Want in on a secret? Trendiness isn’t necessarily what’s “new”. Right now, a growing trend in interiors, especially in bathrooms, is giving everything an antique glaze.

Antique bathrooms can be subtle in their approach, or they can be a complete blast from the past.

Take cabinet styles for instance. You can create an antique look simply by adding a distressed finish to your current cabinets, especially if they are made from wood. Just be sure to safely apply the varnish and coatings to be sure to preserve your cabinet.

Cabinets can also be completely redone to get that antique look. Think beautifully, ornate, carved wooden shelves lining your walls, in either a rich brown or light neutral.

If you want to just dip your toes in the water of antique bathroom style, you can try upgrading your fixtures to reflect the dated-but-trendy look you desire. Rubbed bronze is always a good bet when going for the antique look.

Other accessories can give that antiqued feel too. Try adding a detailed, vintage, framed mirror above your sink. Going to anything gilded in gold or bronze can get you just the effect you’re looking for.

When redesigning your bathroom in the antique style, try to purchase sturdy, good quality pieces. Although flea markets and vintage shops can offer great finds, don’t be afraid to really test out the merchandise before buying. If the pieces are truly antique, you don’t want to buy them just for their style only to find out that they have no substance when you get home.

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