Hovering Lamp Defies Laws of Physics in Innovative Home Decor

A new hovering light was created by product designer Fabien Roy to explore the concept of light source mobility. The light is placed manually at a specific point and starts to levitate as soon as the contact with the user is broken.

The result of his creation is quite poetic and emotional. It’s utilitarian dimension will increase with technological advancement.

Aeronautical constraints led Fabien Roy to completely optimize the concept of weight and airflow. The shape of the light is directly inspired by rocket nozzles. This contributes to unblock the thrust of the airflow towards the ground. The solution chosen to reduce the weight is to propose a self-supporting shell. the structural and diffusing functions are synthesized in a single element.

Roy’s ‘low gravity’ lamp offers total freedom of movement over another existing object  anywhere in space. His latest invention was made possible through new technologies in collaboration with Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.