Horrific Hues: Creepy Color Palettes for Horror Film & Halloween Lovers

From psychological thrillers to horror film cult classics, you can turn your home into a homage to these fan favorites. Color choice, material, patterns and form will bring the film to life before your very eyes. Just be sure to bring it all together for the Halloween festivities!

The Beetlejuice

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Movie Poster from Beetlejuice

In the film Beetlejuice, an eccentric character from beyond the grave is summoned by a spooky young woman in her family’s haunted house.

Stick to the colors black, white and lime green. Pair black and white striped patterns with lime green accents or reverse it to feature bright lime green furnishings with black and white decor. You can do eggplant purple accents in place of lime green or add both. Choose cotton, velvet and fabric blends for upholstery. Brass or gold plated metallics, if desired. Victorian and modern gothic decor with ornate designs.

Modern furnishings to get you started:

The Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Poster

In a eerie mansion with a transvestite scientist as the host, visitors discover they got more than they bargained for one strange night in the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Black, white and cherry red. Pair black and white accents with cherry red furniture or reverse it. Choose leather, leatherette, fur, faux fur, feathers and fabric blends. Silver or acrylic accents. Diamond tufting, button tufting, tapered, pointed and bold patterns.

Modern furnishings to get you started:

The Jaws

Jaws Movie Poster

In this Steven Spielberg classic film, Jaws, those that love a late night swim or boat ride fear the ocean after a great white shark with predatory instincts enters their waters.

Aquamarine blue, magenta and white. You can also replace white with an off-white, cream or beige. Choose leather, fabric blends, satin, acrylics, chiffon and velvet.  Distressed and weathered wooden finishes. Gold plated or silver metallic accents. Sand art, driftwood or light touches of ocean and beach themed accents.

Modern furnishings to get you started:

The Halloween

Halloween Movie Poster

Pumpkins, hockey masks and serial killers. The film Halloween is a favorited horror film with deranged Mike Myers who preys on unsuspecting victims after murdering his sister as a young boy years earlier.

Blood orange, sun yellow, black and white. Choose mostly cotton and fabric blends. If using the color white as a main furnishing, be sure it is in leather, leatherette, acrylic or plastic. Perforated designs in white may really help the theme come to life. Clean cut lines and linear or solid patterns. Gold, Silver or Brass metallic accents.

Modern furnishings to get you started:

The Nightmare on Elm Street

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster

In this terrifying film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, serial killer Freddy Krueger enters the dreams of his victims and murders them using a clawed glove with razors at the end creating an extreme paranoia bedtime approaches.

Dark red, forest green, black and white. This may be tricky because it could resemble christmas colors with the wrong tone choice. Be sure to incorporate thick striped forest green and dark red patterns to resemble kruegers clothing. Cotton, acrylics and fabric blends work best. Sharp edges, clean cut lines and tapered legs. Stick to bold patterns, avoid overtly fluid and wavy forms.

Modern furnishings to get you started:

Luca Sofa

With these iconic movie design motifs, you will have your house looking like a cult classic in no time. Keep it subtle but unmistakable. If you aren’t feeling confident in your choice, don’t hesitate to pop up a movie poster of the film somewhere visible in the room to give company something to relate to. Trust us, it will go over in a big, bad and bold way for halloween or anytime of year!