Hanging “Art of Healing” Installation in Medical Facility Draws Therapeutic Figures in the Sand

Art therapy is nothing new to the world of healing. Although it is typically a form of alternative medicine, now there is an art installation conveying this message in Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Medical City Hospital.

Lasvit installation closeup

This large-scale, 52 foot art installation, created by LASVIT: Art Therapy by Wanda Valihrachová hangs from the medical centers luxurious lobby. It weighs a hefty 1367 lbs, and it is made of 300 crystal and glass elements. Each individual element has its own separate light source, casting an impressive illumination throughout it.

Lasvit installation

3 engines power the pendulum-like structure creating designs in the sand below it, like the sand gardens found in Japanese design. The medical facility is the most prestigious in the area, known for its “Art of Healing.”

Quiet, majestic and speaking to traditions of healing stemming outside of strictly modern medicine, the art installation is unlike any seen in the world.

The giant jeweled pendulum draws figures and forms into the sand some of which are religious figures associated with healing. It is designed to bring a sense of peace, calm and hope to the clients and patients moving back and forth through the medical centers doors.

The installation has a therapeutic effect,” says Leon Jakimi?, owner and president of LASVIT.