Hands Free Home Fixtures and Appliances

Remember the days of sound sensor lamps? All you had to do was clap your hands and the lights would turn on or off. Well, we have come a long way since clapping lamps. Now we can be completely hands-free. Not even having to touch our own hands!

hands free fixtures padstyle

Sensors relieve the need to touch buttons or handles, reducing germ exchange. Of course, we have seen this technology in many restaurant and convenience store bathrooms. Now you can have the same in your home. From sensor sinks and light fixtures to vent fans and dishwashers, our homes can be equipped with all the hands free technology we need to feel comfortable, especially in these health cautious times.

Voice over technology is especially useful. We can remotely control nearly everything in our home without even having to touch our smart phones or remote controls. Motion sensors are also helpful.

But that’s not all, technology in the home has become more advanced to where you don’t even need to use your voice or your hands for appliances to turn on. Yes, lights, security systems and central AC / heat has used sensors for decades. But today, there are smart technology vent fans in bathrooms and in kitchens that can detect mildew, mold and smoke. They turn on automatically without any need for you to control it.

When installing smart technology in your home, be sure to always have backups in place. Not all technology is flawless. But keep in mind, the many benefits of sensor and voice control appliances and fixtures to make your home as clean, serene and germ free as possible!