Handcrafted Gemstone Set Accurately Showcases Our Solar System

If you know anyone who works in an office or who is an avid space enthusiast, Deskspace created an awesome gift that will spark their interest and will serve as a little reminder of the vastness of the universe and the wonders of space.

The stunning polished gemstone set of our solar systems planets with a book describing interesting and intriguing facts about the marvelous planet we live on and those that surround us is more than just a cool trinket.They cross referenced NASA’s satellite images and visited factories worldwide to ensure the accuracy of the set reflected the beauty and truth of each planet.

Made of solid gemstones mined from around the world, they are hand shaped and polished by expert craftsmen giving the gemstones their perfectly smooth surface. They are only mined from places that respect the environment where the materials taken are plentiful.

The gemstones begin as raw blocks that are washed then dried in industrial ovens at a low heat for a few weeks. Once hardened they are are ready for cutting into the correct size using diamond edge saws, then using a diamond grit grinding wheel the cubes are hand shaped into spheres and polished on a buffing wheel.

Each Deskspace Polished Gemstone Solar System comes with a bespoke wooden stand and gift box handcrafted by artisans.