hand-tufted rugs by angela adams

I’ve never found rugs to be particularly interesting, but after seeing Angela Adams’ work I’ve found myself looking for similar pieces everywhere. Her hand-tufted rugs aren’t for everybody – those looking for designs on the serious end of the spectrum (traditional and/or plain) will likely find Angela’s artwork to be a bit too playful. However, it’s precisely the whimsical nature of her designs that I like: spaces are consistently uneven, shapes are irregular and lines are never quite parallel. Above: the Lulu ($70-$1,550) and Kenga ($299-$1,550) rugs both employ large, oblong ellipsoids – a good choice if you’re looking for an uncomplicated pattern.

It’s also nice to know that Angela Adams’ rugs are Rugmark-labeled; the label signifies that no illegal child labor is utilized in their manufacture. Hand-tufted in India using 100% New Zealand wool, her rugs are also famous for their three-dimensionality; differing pile heights are interesting aesthetically but also maximize tactile feedback. Translated into more casual terms: they’re great for rolling around on the floor (yes, I am man enough to admit to having done this on occasion). Above: the Mammy ($299-$1,550), Islands ($70-$1,550) and Munjoy ($2990-$1,550) rugs are fairly busy and therefore require more careful placement–but remain fun pieces nonetheless.