Grey is the New Neutral

If you’re struggling to find a color palate for a particular room, you don’t necessarily have to reach for the beiges, taupes and off-whites. These can be great starting-points, but they tend to be a little boring, especially if your home relies too much on their unassuming neutrality.

Instead, why don’t you go grey?

Grey is a wonderful neutral color that can be combined with almost any color to fabulous effect. Take a look at the image above: the purple pops, because of the dark but not overpowering grey.

Grey also looks fantastic with yellows, greens, blues, reds, oranges, pinks… you get the idea.

As a base, grey is much more powerful than traditional neutrals. It has the intensity of black without the severity. And with grey, you can explore the whole spectrum: light grey with a pastel pink, or dark grey with a glossy canary yellow.

Grey is a monochrome, and you can try experimenting with the options it provides. Different rooms can feature different shades of grey and a complimentary (read: any) color.

Your home will experience a boost of energy and your guests will ooh and ahh if you have a grey neutral rather than a bland beige. Try it out in a small room like a powder room first, but we guarantee, you’ll love its pop!