Great in Green: 6 Shades of Green You Can Use in Your Home

Whether your looking to add a new accent, paint a room or buy a new furnishing, the color green is a beautiful and bold color to use in your home. We’ve selected the greatest in green, 6 different shades of green that you can’t go wrong with!

Hunter Green

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This dark shade of green makes a powerful statement as wall paint. Whether you are doing an entire room or just one accent wall, this color stands out in a room with a neutral color palette. Don’t forget to add the wooden accents, fixtures and furniture, to give it that natural forest appeal.

Emerald Green

Jewel-tones are in style! Like the gemstone, emerald green is strikingly eye-catching. It is versatile enough to be used as a fabric choice for both large and small home furnishings.

Olive Green

Martini, anyone? Like that perfect salty olive poking out from your martini glass, olive green is cool and calming shade of green. It makes another great choice for larger home furnishings.

Sage Green

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This tranquil color is used best as wall paint for an entire room, as an accent wall or painted on fixtures like staircases and kitchen cabinet doors. Its gray undertones make it easy to pair with a variety of other furniture colors and textures.

Lime Green

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There is nothing better than pops of lime green throughout your space as dining chairs, loungers, accent pillows and area rugs. Bright and vibrant, this shade of green will not go unnoticed!

Chartreuse Green

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A beautiful blend of citrus colors, this refreshing color uplifts a room quickly! It shines when used as furniture and decor, but it can also make for a dazzling accent wall.

From dark and bold to bright and striking, these 6 shades of green will make your home go from good to GREAT in no time!