Gold Pattern Tableware Collection Uses Modern Laser Technique on Lacquer

South Korean designer, Jungmo Yang, uncovers a gold design when using a modern laser technique to create patterns on lacquered metal tableware.

laser cut lacquered metal
Jungmo Yang various laser cut gold patterns in lacquered metal tableware collection
Jungmo Yang tableware laser technique
Jungmo Yang Gold Pattern Tableware Collection

The gold appears only when the lines of the pattern are carved using this specific laser technique.

Prototypes of the collection

Yang discovered this upon his journey over the past year in the exploration of lacquer in an attempt to “improve access to craft materials through the design for a reasonable price and productivity.” 

Natural Texture with Applied Laser Technique on Cups Top

The designer chose to create patterns that are simple yet sophisticated by making a regular line pattern in a unique formation following a slight curvature.

gold pattern laser technique on lacquer metal
Laser Technique Forms Sophisticated Gold Patterns on Lacquered Metal Tops of Cups in Collection

The tableware collection features smooth surfaces , a natural texture with a modern minimalist design, the laser-cut gold designs are featured on the covers perfectly fit for atop the cups and come in various patterns.

Jungmo Yang Gold Pattern Tableware Collection

This elegantly modern collection is made from wood, aluminum and lacquer and comes in both black and red-tinted colors.