Getting to Know Your Community: Ways to Engage & Expand

Even if you have the money to do so or if you are on a tight budget – there are a boat load of inexpensive and free activities you can do by yourself, with other adults or with your children that are fun, low-cost and easily accessible.

Public Library – You wouldn’t believe the amount of free events, workshops, classes and activities your public library has to offer. All you have to do is go to it and find out. Most libraries have a monthly schedule with events free of charge but available to the community. The events range from open-mic nights and live music events to art workshops like glass etching and trivia. These events are throughout the day if you are with the little ones or are able to make it (there are plenty on weekends for those who work during the week) and night time classes.

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Community Center – If you a little research about the town or city you live in, there is a strong possibility they have a community center similar to the public library with free events and activities for the community to enjoy and to engage with one another. Some centers have pool tables, ping-pong tables and fuseball tables. Acquire a schedule from the center to find out about events, activities held there or even create your own activity and event as a facilitator.


Local Sports Team – Do you enjoy watching sports or did you ever play sports as a child? Find out if your town has a local baseball, soccer or basketball sports team. The age groups are usually between 18 – practically no age limit, you can still play your favorite sport and you compete with teams from other towns.

Meetup Groups: There is a website called where you and others can organize events in your town for people with similar interests or hobbies. Search for your town and interests and a variety of events and activities will pop up in your area or in nearby. Most of the time they are free but are usually reasonable if asking for donations. They range from philosophy cafes and meditation groups to kayaking and hiking to art workshops and crafting. You meet other people in the community and surrounding area while doing your favorite activities or trying new things!

Whether utilizing your resources, moving to a new area or looking to expand your horizons – don’t fret! There are a ton of things to do in your community that will get you out, about and engaged!