“Get a Job!” Fashion Line for the Traveling Gypsy

This fashion line is called “Get a Job!” by Eurasian designer Ya Bum and made its first runway appearance at New York Fashion Week 2017. “Get a Job! Ya Bum” will be hitting high fashion boutiques come springtime when, as Ya Bum likes to say, “All the gypsy come travel, yas?”

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the hottest items from the collection.

Kibbutz Bootz

These rugged boots come with the scuffs, scratches and torn soles already stitched into them! They are the next big thing since pre-torn jeans, people will think “oh my goodness, where has she / he been?” “They must have been places, they must have seen things!” “I wonder what it’s like to walk in that guys shoes!?” Whispers will be heard near and far, who is that mysterious wandering soul all the men want to be and all the ladies adore? It’s you! It’s you, darling! You fabulous devil! You! You in Kibbutz Bootz.


This daring and dirty look combines the underground sex party scene with the vagabond mentality – basically tie a few ropes around your waist and chest, be sure to strap on those leather boots and thigh high stockings all the while pretending like you aren’t going to your fortune 500 business meeting the next day or 40 million dollar penthouse at the end of the night.

Homeless Haute Couture

No matter if you are 115 lbs and 6″2 in stilettos or 200 lbs and 5″2 in stilettos you will rock this look! Why? Because you are going to look like a thick and fabulous beast either way! All you need to do is layer on every piece of clothing you own. Yes, that’s right! Every. Single. Piece. Then strut those streets like you own them. They are your fashion runway! Believe me, you will not only look hot but you will be homeless haute, homeless haute couture, that is!

Couch Surfer Chic

A casual but impressively unimpressive look that can probably can be found at the bottom of your brothers hamper. A pair of flannel pajama pants, a zip up hoodie (no shirt or bra underneath!), a pair of crocs or flip flops and a baseball cap. Be sure to have not shaved for at least 1 – 2 weeks and don’t you dare run a comb through that head hair of yours. A few simple pieces completes this look to give you that “Uh, i don’t care, pass the cheetos?” couch surfer chic attire!

Stay on the look out for these items when they will eventually trickle down to more affordable, ready-to-wear styles like at neiman marcus or your local department store or marshalls or something – we wouldn’t want you burning a hole in your pocket, putting your home up for auction or living on your parents couch even though these styles are definitely worth going broke over!

“We want our people to feel the apathy and freedom that comes with being without a partner, friends, family members, loved ones or a place to call their home. ‘Get a Job! Couture – It’s not just looking homeless, its feeling homeless.'”

Note from the editor* Satirical comedy writing soothes the soul but more importantly it speaks volumes about things that go on in our lives, our homes, our relationships and our society!