Futuristic Glass Solo Tea Uni-Mug for Personal & Stylish Sipping

Unitea Colors Small Unimugs by Kinto padstyle.com
Unitea Colors Small Unimugs by Kinto

Any avid tea drinkers out there? Or do happen to know someone who absolutely can’t live without their cup of tea in the morning, afternoon or before bedtime?

The Unitea Colors Unimug by Kinto is a retro-inspired playful spin on the ultra popular Numi Transparent Glass Flowering Teapot. Each Unimug acts as your own personal teapot. Like having your own personal pizza, only much cuter and it won’t increase the size of your circumference!

These fun mugs feature a heat-resistant glass outer shell with an artistic bubbled strainer in the center and a peg handle atop each one. Both its lid and strainer are made from co-polyester, a durable and widely popular thermoplastic resin.

Using loose tea or individual tea bags placed inside of its strainer, you can visibly see your delicious herbal goodness steep from within, all while knowing the strength of your tea by the water turning light to darker.

There are a couple of important things to know about using glass tea mugs with co-polyester lids and strainers:

Firstly, if you plan to heat your Unimug up in the microwave, do not heat it without water in it already. Be sure to heat it in intervals, as to not overheat it. Use the glass handle when removing from the microwave. If you grab it from where the hot water is, your fingers are going to overheat too! And fast! (ouchies!)

Secondly, when the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it or pour cold water over it. Like most glassware, sudden changes in temperature will crack and shatter the glass. Also, avoid using wet cloths on it, or placing on wet surfaces while it is still hot.

Thirdly, never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool to scrub it. Some citrus fruit juices could alter its color. Scratches and discoloration on your pretty new mug would be bad!

Fourthly, it can be used in the dishwasher (yay!), only you should place it on the upper rack and / or upper basket.

Lastly but not leastly, you have to remove the lid and strainer before placing your unimug in the microwave.

Wow! That sounds like a lot of work for a brand new tea mug… it does to us too. But who knows?! A few extra care rules might be worth being able to see and sip your daily cup of herbal retreat in style. You can buy the Kinto Unimugs in a variety of colors here.