Functional Art: Venetian Blown Glass “Soda” Coffee Tables

Venetian glass is believed to be made for more than 1,500 years. Its roots are said to be produced on the Venetian Island or Murano. Venetian, also known as Murano glass, has a long history of glassmaking throughout Europe. It is known to be one of the finest glassmaking techniques and artistic styles of glassmaking since the 13th century.

miniforms venetian blown glass yiannis ghikas coffee tables soda tables

Miniforms, a manufacturer in Italy, along with designer Yiannis Ghikas, have created the “Soda Coffee Table.” The Soda Coffee Table is made entirely of handmade, blown venetian glass. The transparent colored glass along with its unique shapes uses light and shadows to catch the viewers eyes and change the viewer’s perspective.

Different from many angles, the overlapping layers of glass create a mirage-like interplay of color. The tables come in two different sizes and in two different colors, bold amber and petrol green. The tables are made in the traditional Murano style. The glass is blown, extended and then shaped. The single piece of glass sits atop of 3 large petals forming the stem or base of the table.

The careful creation of the tables requires artisan glassmakers using burners kept at a very specific temperatures to mold and “hammer” the surfaces.

The Soda tables are not ornate or overly embellished, they follow Miniforms brand of design. Minimalist and functional with a funky edge.