Fezziwigs Food & Fountain Luxurious Local Bistro in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Fezziwig’s Food & Fountain is a sweet spot in the center of town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The local¬†brasserie serves a variety of beverages including a full-service espresso bar, White Heron teas and coffees and a classic soda fountain.

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Cuisine includes yummy pastries, sweet and savory crepes, soups and sandwiches. The interior design combines modern, contemporary with a touch of elegance. The soft pastel colors contrast beautifully with the red brick walls.

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Furnishings include french bistro style, accurate reproductions of Xavier Pauchard’s original Bastille chair with individual tables for patrons.

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Petite luxurious chandeliers hang from the ceiling and offer subdued but a well-lit atmosphere. One wall is entirely locally crafted and handmade goodies adorning its shelves.

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The small restaurant is a part of a few shops around town, a theme based around Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers, where employees dress and act the part of a character coming to life right before your eyes.