New Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker Moves with Sound of Music Using Nano-Technology

The Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker is a high-tech sound device using advanced methods to create a speaker that can move with the sound of music. The entirety of the speaker does not move itself, the oily nebulous object that moves is visibly contained within the speaker.

van der waals ferrofluid speaker nanoscale ferromagnetic particles and oily fluid is sound activated and moves with music
Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker uses advanced technology to create visible moving audio activated substance

The moving object is a mixture made of insoluble nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in an oily fluid. When this substance is connected to a strong magnetic force, such as sound vibrations and audio frequencies, the particles form into one structure. They fluidly and systematically dance in a myriad of configurations appearing with life-like movement like those you might find in nature, even transcending some forms of movement found within nature.

The name of the speaker is called the Van der Waals Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C speaker. It is accurately named after a renowned scientist, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate Johannes Diderik Van der Waals. Its futuristic shape resembles an angled orb, similar to that of a snow globe due to its frontal transparent shell. Held within its encasing is where the magic happens. Its 9 inch ferromagnetic visualizer undulates in an amorphous mesmerizing glob of multi-forms. Paired with 2x15W mid-bass speakers and 2x15W tweeters, it takes on a life of its own.

Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speakers in a pair
Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speakers

The Ferrofluid speakers can be used solo or as a pair in a stereo configuration. It is a new way of viewing music as you hear music. In its unique styling and impressive display, this is the speaker for those who love modern decor with innovative functionality.