Feng WE – Feng Shui Design, Bringing Balance to Your Relationships & Household

Feng shui is the East Asian art of placement. Although, it is a bit more in-depth than simply placement. It is literally translated from Chinese to mean “wind-water.” It is about unification and connection with your environment.

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As many designers know, placement is a large part of good interior design. The basics are essentially the same with every feng shui diagram, but some diagrams use rectangular, hexagonal or circular shapes. Houses and rooms within the house come in varying shapes and sizes. But the placement is generally the same because it uses direction as the foundation to the layout.

Creating a harmonious environment isn’t just about the relationships between people in the household, but can be related to the overall design of the household. If things seem stuffy, cluttered, distracting or simply off balance in your home or in your life, give feng shui interior design a try. You can go from Feng He vs. Feng She to Feng We! Like the yin-yang symbol, masculine and feminine energies can become one. Feng Shui-We will help you create harmony through placement, balance and awesome design!

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We won’t cover all the basics. But first things first, bust out that compass or simply know which direction the sun rises to figure out directions. And yes, we know! Not every households front entrance is in the North. Don’t worry about that, just be mindful of the directions and the qualities that pertain to them.

Next comes elementals and colors. You are placing objects, furniture and decor related to that specific direction – you can include the specific colors and elements associated with that area too. Different diagrams show different colors pertaining to that area. Although not true of interior design in general, color plays a less important role in feng Shui. Reference the diagrams above and below.

For example, placing a real plant, such as an indoor Moringa tree, in the East area of the home will contribute to the color green, to the element of wood and to the growth of family. If you place your indoor tree between the East and Southeast, it will symbolize both growth of family and growth of wealth.

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The North of your home represents career, life path, and journey. Consider keeping this area free of clutter and spacious. Even placing a water source, such as a modern indoor waterfall in the area. It will contribute to fluidity in life while adding to the visual aesthetic. If none of these are feasible for your homes layout, find a way to incorporate the color black in the North area of your home. An abstract sculpture, a unique hall rug or area rug, a piece of modern pottery.

Now that you have a better understanding of what we mean by representation, placement, elements and color, you can start transforming your home into a Feng Shui, Feng WE space. How do we FENG SHUI-WE? Well, it’s simple!

The same way you’d design for one person, you’d design for both you and your partner, or for the entire family. Focus on balance. Spatial distance. Empty space around the objects. The objects themselves, such as color, element, design, shape and symbolism.

For example, if you and your partner / family are creatively blocked, bring forms of self-expression into the West area of your home. Contribute to the area by bringing in tools to help you get creative. A musical instrument, a writing desk, canvas and paints, a sculpting wheel, or even turn this area into the children’s nursery or playroom.

It becomes easier with time, you begin to see what areas of your Feng Shui-We home need some sprucing up. An empty corner in the house might be the perfect void for that space, symbolically representing where you need to clear your mind in your life. For example, in the Northwest, where your knowledge and intellect is represented. Perhaps, you need to think less and feel more. Whereas, a busy corner filled with certificates of achievement, awards, trophies, artwork, decor and other trinkets in the Southeast gives you peace of mind. Combine with your partner and family members accomplishments to further achieve balance.

You’d be amazed at the powerful shifts in your relationships and even your perception in many different areas of your life as you begin to redesign the physical areas of your home into a Feng Shui-We sanctuary!