Fashion Trends: Best Late 80s’ Trends to Create a Bomb Outfit

Late 1980s meets early 1990s fashion is making a comeback but without the ugly tube socks, high waist jeans with suspenders and unflattering cuts that make even a barbie doll look 10 pounds heavier.

source: blue maize

Take the best parts of this era in fashion and add them to your own personal style for a unique but in style approach to your attire.

So what were some of the best parts of late 80s, early 90s fashion?

Well for one thing, the colors!

From bold, vibrant and eye-catching think Fresh Prince of Bel Air to completely dark and gothic like deep reds and black like Morrissey from The Smiths or late 80’s Madonna were definitely all the rage during this time.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air aka Will Smith : Disclaimer take what you like and leave the rest!

How can we incorporate this into our look today?

If we start with the bold color choices, back then, it was sort of like a paint spillage of every fluorescent and vibrant color you can think mismatched with every pattern you can think of and thrown into one outfit. Instead we can take one electrifying color that stands out in a crowd and have it be the main attraction in our outfit.

Alexandra Christina (aka yours truly) wearing a three quarter sleeve sport dress in vibrant purple with black tube top and black ked sneakers
Purple skirt with printed pattern and black open shoulder top

Cut of the outfit goes a long way as well but doesn’t always have to be in the 80s and 90s style.

Madonna Late 80s’ Disclaimer: Just take what you like and leave the rest

If you want to take late 80s Madonna approach with color, try a lacy garment but only one or two in a dark color that will accent the outfit not become the whole outfit itself or a few pieces accented in animal print – i prefer tiger or cheetah,  then place a shade of dark red or purple on your pout to kick it up a notch.

dark dress with cheetah print shawl and black pumps

These are just a couple of ideas to incorporate late 1980s fashion and early 1990s fashion into your new era lifestyle. Experiment with the looks to see what fits you best and don’t be afraid to take what you like and leave the rest!