Family Friendly Outdoor Decor: Fire Pit Tables

Sharing stories and laughter as we gather around a warm fire with family and friends is a tradition that spans centuries and regions. However, for those of us who want to preserve our land or who have small children running about, we want something that is safer and doesn’t require altering our backyards for such events. A fire pit table is a great solution to this!

Fire pit tables are separate furnishings that can be placed on our back porch, patio or on leveled land in our backyards. They are typically raised higher above ground than a standard fire pit and burn within an enclosure that is safe and protected.

You have the option of choosing between a wood burning fire pit table or a gas operated fire pit table. Many opt for gas operated fire pit tables as it enables a bit more control over the flame. However, wood burning fire pits offer that natural feel and nostalgic camp-fire ambiance.

The fire pit table serves a dual purpose as it can also be used for warmth, roasting marshmallows and other treats or as a place for dining whether the flame is burning or not.

Fire pit tables comes in a range of styles, sizes and types. If you are looking for added fun at your next home gathering, a fire pit table may be the perfect option for your outdoor decor.