Antiviral Fabric Technology Uses Properties of Silver to Help Eliminate Coronavirus

Serge Ferrari Group, a material manufacturing company, has recently developed and patented a technology that is capable of almost completely eliminating coronaviruses entirely on surfaces. The virucidal technology can be used on composite membrane surfaces.

serge ferrari develops fabric technology that can eliminate coronaviruses by up to 99.5%

They developed this groundbreaking technology by examining the properties of silver particles. In doing so, they discovered a way to prevent certain fabrics from becoming breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. It can be applied to membranes and lower the viral impact of coronaviruses by 95 percent after a 15 minute contact time and by 99.5 percent after one hour of contact time.

“We identified the antiviral properties of silver and used it to develop innovative formulations for coating our membranes, delivering effectiveness verified by the independent laboratory virhealth. We drew on our vast expertise to determine the formulations of this treatment and its possible industrial applications…with our capacity to deliver disruptive innovations to the market, Serge Ferrari hopes to contribute, however it can, to meet new needs arising from this pandemic,” says Philippe Espiard, Director of R&D at Serge Ferrari Group. 

Plans to market fabrics with this antiviral technology are in the process. The company hopes to bring this new development to hospitals, schools, daycares, offices, hotels, retail, event venues, public transportation vehicles and even personal protective gear.