Emphasize your windows

Even if you have ready made roller blinds on your windows, there are still things that you can do to decorate the area. Why have a perfectly garnished room and then fall short on window treatments? Your windows welcome in sunlight, fresh air and energy so they should be emphasized, not hidden!

Panels Can be Fun

Traditional panel curtains certainly don’t have to be boring. You can always pull them to one side with tiebacks that are elegant or patterned and vibrant, whatever works for your room! Alternatively, you can buy a stencil and fabric paint and add a little personalization to them.

Framing the Window

Just because you go for the classic, framed look, doesn’t mean you can’t add an extra rod or two and layer up your treatments with different prints and fabrics.

Work With Blinds

Side panels, swags and even just extra long sheer tiers can be draped loosely to highlight the area. Also, keep in mind if you buy blinds direct in the UK or US, there are many made from pretty attractive materials today so they don’t have to be ordinary.

Let the Fabric Flow

There are no rules when you work with fabric. Layer or twist pieces and let them just coexist harmoniously. Shake off that rigid structure you have grown up with and invite something fresh and carefree into your space!