Designer Uses Welding Technique to Create Illusion of Denim

The “Tiss Tiss” chair designed by craftsman David de Gourcoff and Japanese designer Aki & Arnaud Cooren appears to be made of a textured denim fabric but is made of aluminum plates produced using a special welding technique.

tiss-tiss chair padstyle

Created using six sheets of indigo-dyed aluminum, the design encompasses strength and stability with a touch of illusion to it. It appears to be made of textured denim stitched at the seams which in actuality are melded sheets of metal. It is a unique low chair design created at the foundry – a factory where metal castings are produced – and combines the rigid strength of metal with the poetic stitching of fabric, or at least the appearance of it.

tiss tiss chair padstyle

To create the textured denim appearance, a piece of denim fabric is used as the footprint then through a process of sand casting the aluminum pieces are created with the fabric footprint applied to both sides which are then welded together.

The indigo blue color choice serves as both a reminder of both the “blue collar worker” workman’s attire at the foundry and the traditional dyeing of japan.