Pink Origami Pineapple Pavilion

This amazing pavilion was recently built in England as the masterful design by Morison Studio by artists Heather and Ivan Morison.

The piece started out as just a simple paper origami design they turned into a full-blown sculptural pavilion. The structure is made from metal, timber and a special woven fabric that can withstand most weather conditions. Both the color and the shape reflects Georgian style and history culture.

As the pastel pink was chosen from a Georgian color palette and the resemblance to a pineapple is due to the exotic fruit trade during the 18th century. Pineapples stood as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and of course, hospitality.

The awe-strikingly beautiful structure sits in the center of the Georgian garden at the historic Berrington Hall in Herefordshire. They plan to use the pavilion for healing and art such as yoga and live music events.