Design Your Dream Room Using Miniature Scale Clay

New creative and fun ideas are inspiring artists from all around the world to find clever ways to orchestrate their talents and bring their dreams to life.


New York spatial designer, Eny Lee Parker, created a contest called “Clay Play.” The contest asked artists to design their ideal room on a miniature scale using clay. The premise for the contest was to help people relax during the current health pandemic. In general, sculpting is a highly therapeutic art that soothes people as they conceive their dream room.

These Artists Used Clay to Build Their Dream Homes in Miniature ...

The work from the artists can be seen on Eny Lee Parkers instagram account. Similar to many of the endeavors taken on by countless people worldwide as they stay indoors until the COVID-19 lockdown ends, this was another helpful way to utilize social media and other social channels. The idea is to keep people motivated and inspired while they are home for the time being.

With Everyone Stuck Inside, an Artist Launched a Contest to Design ...

Eny Lee Parker, along with many other notable designers and artists, participated in the contest.

Eny Lee Parker — Matter of Hand

Many of the ideal rooms created for “Clay Play,” featured famous mid-century modern classics and contemporary furnishings, along with new concepts in furniture and home decor.