Decorating a Room with Low ceilings

Low ceilings can be a challenge when decorating because even a large room can quickly feel dwarfed with the wrong paint and decor. If you have a room that’s barely clearing your head, you can make it look much taller!

  • Border – Hanging a border about a foot down from the top of the wall and then painting the wall below the border a darker color will give the illusion of a taller ceiling.  Alternatively, you can paint your darker color up onto the ceiling, making the wall appear taller if you don’t want to use a border.  This can tricky though to keep perfectly even.
  • Hang Curtains – Position your curtain rods closer to the ceiling rather than directly over the window and use longer curtains. This will add a significant amount of height to the space.
  • Accent Slopes – Have a ceiling that slopes on one side? This is super common in upstairs bedrooms. Why not accent the slope by hanging sheer scarves from the ceiling and then drape them down the slope and use a thumbtack to hold them in place? Fabric will add depth!
  • Mirrors – Anytime you are faced with a size issue, hang mirrors. Staggering them at various heights will make the room more three-dimensional.

Low ceilings are certainly not the end of the world. Yes, they pose a bit of a challenge when creating a contemporary room but there are definitely things you can do add height to the space. Don’t underestimate just how charming those slanted ceilings can be either! They give your room more personality than you know.