Decorate your walls with inspiration falls

If you really are looking for that one exceptional WOW piece for that wall that is desperately crying for attention in your home, an Inspiration Falls wall water fountain is it! As you may or may not be aware, the key to being successful with contemporary design is providing a focal point in a room. Ideally, this will be a feature that demands attention yet offers comfort, it is essentially a place for tired and busy eyes to relax once they have scanned a room to arrive at their destination.

Your focal point of the room should add to the room’s decor, never become a distraction. Inspiration Falls wall fountains do just that. They are available in an array of stunning surfaces such as black spider marble, rainforest green marble, rainforest brown marble and rajah, green or black slate. You also have the power to choose your frame finish in antique black, rustic copper and stainless steel.

These mesmerizing water features are illuminated with halogen lights and since they are created from natural materials, each gorgeous piece brings its own unique pattern.

An Inspiration Falls wall water fountain will bring tranquility to your home and offer just enough moisture to win that battle with static electricity. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you will have the most exquisite piece of art in the neighborhood! The Soothing Company is the perfect place to order an Inspiration Falls wall water fountain for your home!

  • Melissa

    I stop by your blog frequently for new tips…often while I’m enjoying my morning coffee. I love this fountain in the black spider marble shown at the other website! I will put this on my wish list and cross my fingers!

  • Shellie

    I love that one too! Hope you get it! Thanks for enjoying us with your morning coffee!

  • Shannon

    Haha I really like this fountain, my mom has a beautiful one at her home, but it’s extremely noisy and I have to turn it off if we’re trying to watch a movie or tv. This one is beautiful though.

  • Shellie

    Yes, I agree, some fountains can be a bit too noisy but these are surprisingly quiet….especially for how large they are!

  • Rita

    I love your innovative idea to place a contemporary design fountain in the room to create serenity and calm impressions when decorating ones home.

  • Shellie

    Thank you! Yes, I firmly agree every home should have at least one fountain!