Deceptive Design Optical Illusion Denim Collection

A rare take on denim design will have you doing a double with its optical illusion designs. Created by a fashion design student, Dolev Elron, at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, this collection uses optical illusion in its accent stitching.

Using twists, turns and distorted whirls, the traditional straight stitching and seams is reshaped into an intriguing deceptive design. Elron collaborated with Diesal Israel to actually have the collection produced. He plays with standard proportions and shapes of the stitching.

The actual denim itself is in a dark wash style that is both wearable and meets typical criteria for jean jackets and jean pants. However, this distorted casualwear plays tricks on the eye creating an entirely new physical interplay of illusion and fashion into one.

This unique style is perfect for bold streetwear lovers, fashion models and photographers who like to create unique perception in the eyes of their viewers.