De Stijl Neoplasticism Furniture Design August Collection 2020

If you are familiar of the works by Artists, Piet Mondrian and Theo Van Doesburg, you might know a thing or two about De Stijl, also called Neoplasticism.

Gibson Karlo's August Lounge Collection for DesignByThem padstyle

The artwork focuses on primary shapes and colors with distinction between them, oftentimes pieced together or separated into a whole form. The new August Collection by Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis have taken this style into functional furniture.

Gibson Karlo's August Lounge Collection for DesignByThem  padstyle

The collection features bold, geometric shapes with distinction between the lines and appearing as if they could be modular. Minimal and striking, the set of armchairs and loungers highlight the separation between shapes, whereas many minimalist furnishings showcase one continuous, seamless flow between the arms, legs and seats. The arms even extend beyond the seats themselves.

The August Collection Is Geometrically Bold, Yet Versatile padstyle

They are made from sustainably sourced FSC framing with steel supports. The entirety of the chairs are designed using low VOC GECA certified commercial grade foam and webbing. They come with or without accent stitching in multiple upholsteries, including fabric and leather.