Cute kids’ bathroom ideas – Build an oasis of glee for your kids!

Gone are the days when kids just hummed nursery rhymes and put up with the things that we gave them, including their bathrooms. Now, children are more creative, imaginative and choosy about their things and their space, even their bathrooms. They know exactly what they want and why.

For parents, it’s a challenging task to build or create bathroom for your kids, with the mood and decor that would match their children’s ideas and still be a well designed room in their home.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to consider when designing a child’s bathroom:

– Consider the mood of the space; it is needless to say that it should be be cheerful and peppy. After all, it is for the kids!

– Make it a great place for your kids to exchange moments of sharing, talking, splashing water. Make it fun filled, with bold themes and color. They tend relate more with colors, patterns and images that communicate with them. It’s the place from which they start and end their day, so keep the tone and emotion positive and lively.

– Give them a well-planned storage area for every little thing, right from toiletries to towels and a lot more that can be part of the their realm. Arrange it with soft texture and tidy organisation tricks that send intelligent, yet cute messages across.

– Make everything accessible to them. Stepping stools are a perfect addition and use low mounted racks for towels. Use the space beneath the sink for shelves to neatly store their bath toys. Sinks could be mounted low, so that it’s reachable for your kids, along with a mirror on the wall. Make the mirror fun with one that is shaped into a cartoon character, say – a Mickey Mouse or other character your kids love. Remember, this idea infuses the sense of independence in them and gives you a break!

– Spruce up the decor and the accessories with personality. Add the perfect selection of towels and accessories that are colorful with fun shades and images. Linens like towels, curtains, and floor mats should be colorful and can have images of animals, fish or frogs in true colours will keep them company in the bathroom. Images of the sea, boats and ships could create an aquatic ambiance for them.

– Don’t forget necessary accessories like towel rails, toilet paper holders, and soap dishes. These too can be found in different themes and colors.

– The floor and the walls can be made of design tiles, in bright festive colors and hues. Decorations on the walls can include things like funny vinyl stickers and creative wall tiles. Pull together the design with sketches, murals or wall art.

In a nutshell, your kids’ bathroom can be functional and be a playful space, so have fun with it and make it enjoyable for them to explore to the fullest!