7 Creepy Plants for Your Halloween Garden

It may not be the flesh eating plant from the movie Little Shop of Horrors, but you can creepify your exterior design with these scary plants for halloween or anytime of year!

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  • 1. The Devil’s Tooth
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Devil’s Tooth

This “bleeding” blob looks like a creature straight from another planet. It is actually a woodland mushroom. When it is healthy, it oozes red liquid droplets as if it were dripping blood.

  • 2. Shame Plant aka Humble Plant
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Shame Plant or Humble Plant

For a little extra fun this Halloween, try adding the infamous shame plant to your garden. At first glance, there is nothing to be afraid of. However, upon touching the plant, it appears to shrivel up and die! It mysteriously retakes form only several minutes later. Definitely a trickster!

  • 3. Brain Cactus
Brain Cactus terrifying plants
Brain Cacti

This creepy cacti resembles the fold and contours of a human brain. Although, from its distinctly green hue, it looks more like the brain of zombie. It grows low to the ground both indoors and outdoors.

  • 4. Venus Flytrap
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Venus Fly Trap

This carnivorous plant is the closest resemblance to the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. While it does not eat humans, it does have teeth-like needles that chomp down on insects, bugs and other tiny critters.

  • 5. Cobra Plant
Cobra Plant terrifying plants
Cobra Plant

Another carnivorous plant that enjoys eating insects. The cobra plant resembles the heads of cobra snakes ready to pounce on their next meal.

  • 6. Black Bat Flowers
Black Bat Flowers terrifying plants
Black Bat Flowers

These dark purple flowers resemble the wings of a bat with the long tentacles of an extraterrestrial creature. They are otherworldly.

  • 7. Chinese Lanterns
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Chinese Lanterns

These strange plants resemble tiny pumpkins when they start growing. As they mature, the orange shell decays and leaves behind a skeleton. The berries inside of them look like they are trapped inside of a ghostly cage.

Who needs decorations when you have carnivorous plants and jaw-dropping flowers around your home? Make your Halloween garden the creepiest in the neighborhood this year with these scary plants!