Creative Facades Leave a Lasting Impression

The front of your home is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It is the first impression and it is the entrance way to your space. There are a variety of ways you can design your facade to leave the type of impression you want to convey.

Stained Glass

Colorful Cubist Stained Glass Facade
Artistic Stained Glass Door Facade


Tribal Pattern Stained Glass Facade


Art Nouveau Stained Glass Facade

Leaded Glass

Ornate Leaded Glass Facade
Art Deco Leaded Glass Facade


Wood Designs

Circular Pattern Wood with Stained Glass Facade


Abstract Tree Inspired Wood Facade


Wood Paneled Facade


Rustic Wood Facade


Wave & Cube Design Wood Facade


Interesting Door Handles

Sculptural Centered Door Handle
Centered Door Handle
Bronze Hand Door Handle


Crystal Obelisk Door Handles Wrapped in Metal Tree Branch Inspired Design


Bright Colors

Hot Pink Door Facade
Bright Purple / Ultra Violet Door
Neon Yellow Green Door


Lime Green and Turquoise Doors



Metal Tree Relief
Ornate relief


Etched Glass

Frosted etched glass


Frosted etched glass


What does your homes facade say about you? What is the feeling you want to convey or the impression you want others to have when they enter your home? Choose wisely, when someone enters your space remember it expresses the dwelling their about to enter and the people that live there.