Create Your Own Home Theater in a Few Easy Steps

If you enjoy watching movies you can do this in the comfort of your home by creating a home theater and it’s easier than it sounds. Whether your budget is small or large, there are ways to make your dream a reality.

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DIY Home Theater:

First choose your location. A basement, living room, spare room and even a garage can work.

Basement / Garages / Pop-up Tent – If it’s an unfinished basement, garage or pop-up tent – use layered rugs or a carpet for warmth and comfort – also it’s a great way to section off the space. You can also insulate the basement and garage using foam, styrofoam or even thick garbage bags. Foam works better because it also makes the sound quality better. If it’s a finished basement, garage, pop-up tent, you can leave this step out or you can add still place another rug over the floor or carpet to section a space off.

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For garages and pop-up tents, if you are in an area that gets cold you can install your own heating system or get high powered space heaters to keep the space warm and cozy when the weather is chilly. Pop-up tents are easy to prop up and take down, I recommend using a large tarp underneath the rugs and carpet to protect the area and the rug from the ground underneath. Just be sure you have somewhere to store everything when you’re done to not damage the tent or anything inside of it.

Next, acquire sofas, chairs, loveseats or chaises for seating. Set them in rows if the space permits. Two to three rows for that classic movie theater look and feel. Make it as cozy as you like. Lots of pillows and blankets to snuggle up with to fully enjoy your movie experience. For pop-up tents, it’s best to get stackable or folding chairs that are weather resistant, if you don’t have these, you can always use tarps to cover the furniture.

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Now comes the most important part – the screen where your favorite films will be watched.

You can go the modern route and purchase a large screen television and mount it on your wall.

Or you can go the old fashioned route and get a projection screen or use a plain white wall. if using a white wall, the image may not be as vivid but it sort of gives it that old school feel. You can install a screen that pulls down from the ceiling or you can get a projection screen with a stand.

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The projector is the most important part as this is where your films stream out from. There are a ton of modern projectors on the market ranging from affordable to pricey.

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Do your research to find out which one will serve your needs best. Many modern projectors have bluetooth, WiFi and other features that allow you to stream movies from your computer directly to the projector.

If your projector from RM Projectors has speakers in it and the area is small it may work fine. However, for a more surround sound experience, acquire a projector that has an audio output and plug in speakers designed for movie watching. You could even buy a soundbar and if you’re unsure which speaker to get, check out this helpful budget buyers guide. The placement of them is important as well. Place a speaker, one on each side of the row of seats – the larger the speakers the more surface area the sound will cover.

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They are convenient and simple to use. For those with limited space, place your projector on a rolling stand for easy mobility and storage. Be sure to take measurements of both the height of the projector and the stand to be sure the image is hitting the screen or wall exactly where you want it.

You don’t have to do a ton of renovations or spend a fortune to create your own home theater – it just takes a few of the right furnishings and a bit of imagination!