Create a “Rage Room” When Relaxing Isn’t Enough

We all need a little reprieve once and awhile. Sometimes it’s not just laying in a hot bath or knitting a sweater. Better save it for granny! Every now and again, we need to let out frustration and we all have different ways of doing it. 

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Have you ever considered creating a rage room? 

Don’t take it out on the spouse, kids, employer, employees or the household pet. No need to do so if you have a rage room. 

We are talking one designated room in the house where you can keep all the stuff that are eyesores to most people. A place where you can let loose expressing yourself anyway you want. Bring your inner demons to life in one controlled environment. 

How to Create a Rage Room? Here are some ideas for rage rooms: 

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You know one of your weaknesses is fast food. You know it’s bad for your health, but man oh man, you could really go for a large greasy cheeseburger with a side of fries right now. Bring it to the rage room. Not the actual food, of course! Decorate the room in the tacky colors of your favorite fast food restaurant. Buy fast food memorabilia. Scream at the Mickey D’s golden arches and the Burger King crown until your cravings stop. Trust us, their websites have a ton of stuff you can fill your room with instead of your belly. 

My computer room aka. Horror den | Horror decor, Horror room ...

Love gore and horror? You know if your whole house is decorated in movie posters and fake blood, the family might be a little disturbed. Take it to the rage room! Splatter fake blood around, place a voodoo doll in the corner and poke it with needles, have a couple of raven statues and some real life bones as decor. Whatever floats your horrific boat. Just keep it contained in the rage room.

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Back in the day, you loved going to venues like CBGB’s and other underground venues. You could slam dance, mosh, thrash, and jam out to metal, hardcore, industrial, punk and rock n’ roll. Now you’ve got a family, a career and a mortgage to take care of. Not all is neat and tidy though. When you blast the music that sounds like a cat screeching, a dog howling and a broken organ being played all at the same time, you can bring it to the rage room! Soundproof the walls and blast your deadly music. A couple of headbangs, a few spray painted profane words, a couple of broken vinyl records on the floor. Don’t hurt yourself! Just let loose in the rage room. 

Gennady Golovkin hitting the heavy bag. (1280×854) #Boxing #Sports ...

Got some aggression building up? Life can really suck sometimes. The rage room can help! Get a freestanding punching bag and have at it. Bust out your Star Wars lightsaber and thrash it around. Throw Xena Warrior Princess stars at a dart board. Stab a dagger at a print out of the Presidents face. Whatever floats your boat, just don’t take it outside of the rage room.  

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Trust us, a rage room might be the ticket to bliss in a designated space dedicated to whatever grinds your gears or girdles your gut. LET IT OUT! Rage Rooms are intended to stop violence against others, prevent self-destruction, relieve bad habits and release stress, anxiety and anger. A little unorthodox but worth it. If you are going to let loose anywhere, do it in style with a purpose in the RAGE ROOM!