7 Clever Coronavirus COVID-19 Face Masks

With the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis in full gear, many artists and designers are creating new types of face masks for a variety of people and for multi-functional purposes. View our list of clever face mask concepts and original face mask designs making a positive impact on public safety and health.

Face Mask for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

College Student Has Been Sewing Free Face Masks For Communicating ...

A college student, Ashley Lawrence, has designed a face mask with a transparent, protective window for the deaf and hard of hearing. The clear window helps others to see facial expressions and to read lips.

Face Mask Shield for Healthcare Workers

Tokujin Yoshioka shares three-step template for emergency face shields

This facemask and shield designed by Tokujin Yoshioka is a template that can be printed and made yourself. It take 3 steps to assemble. The design is to give extra protection for healthcare workers directing confronted by the COVID-19 virus. It can easily be printed on a clear sheet of plastic and then attached to their glasses.

New Balance Makes “Shoe Design” Masks

New Balance factory makes masks from laces and other sneaker ...

New Balance, a popular footwear company, have created masks using similar materials as their footwear is made from. The masks feature shoelace-like details and canvas materials similar to their footwear designs.

“Nano Breeze” Advanced Tech Face Mask

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This high-tech facemask is called the “Nano Breeze.” Made by Gloture. Using a rechargeable lithium battery, the facemask has a built-in fan that removes harmful particles from the air. The air moves through a nanofiber filter. Users can control the amount of air being circulated. They can even wear it while exercising.

“Hamon AG Mask” Reusable Face Mask

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To keep waste down, Japanese textile company, Mitsufuji created the “Hamon AG Mask.” This reusable face mask can be washed and reused multiple times. It uses silver-metalized medical fibers for strength and durability.

Fun Face Mask for Kids

Face Mask designs for a surreal future where wearing masks is ...

A child-friendly face mask, designed by Oliver Perretta, makes wearing a protective mask more fun for kids. It was created using a textured fabric with a 3D render in the shape and nose of a bunny rabbit. The design is similar to a halloween costume. It makes wearing a mask fun and helps reduce fear and anxiety for children.

Face Recognition Face Mask

Face-recognition masks allow wearers to open their phones

For those who use facial recognition on their smartphones and computers, designer Danielle Baskin, created a solution to wearing a protective mask. She conceptualized a custom mask with a printed image of the users face on it. The process would require uploading an image of your face that is printed with non-toxic inks.

Until there is a remedy for the COVID-19 virus, we plan on seeing many more original face mask designs for the public to feel safe and protected as they venture out into the world.