Contemporary Futuristic”One Piece” Desk Organizer

Whether your an architect or organization junkie, the One Piece desk organizer by Yuee Design is a minimal futuristic take on a standard pen and calculator holder.

one piece desk organizer modern contemporary

The One Piece is cut from a single block of beechwood. There are 3 different kinds, each painted in vibrant colors and bold gradients.

one piece desk organizer modern contemporary padstyle

The shapes cut into the piece are ideal for a variety of objects. Anywhere from cell phones and calculators to pens and protractors. It arranges your desk tools in an appealing and organized fashion.The One Piece brings beautiful order to what could look like a very out-of-date and messy desk.

The first type is the Classic One Piece. It is purple and pink – ideal for everyday work such as pens, rules, memo pads and scissors. The second type is the Architect One Piece. It is gray and blue – ideal for architects with cut-outs for large markers, drawing tools and calculators. The third and final type is the Geek One Piece. It is yellow and green – ideal for tech heads with spaces for phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

one piece desk organizer modern contemporary padstyle

With remote working at an all time rise, many people are finding ways to improve their home offices and desk spaces to be more attractive and fitting for their modern environments.