Colorful Flexible Steel Tubing Stools Keep Active

A new ergonomic steel stool in playful colors is out on the market. The ROCCA Stool by German designer, Alexander Rehn.

Rocca stool, design: Alexander Rehn padstyle

Made using steel tubing, this modern stool can rock back and forth when seated. Inspiration for the design are for those who like to stay active even while sitting down at their computer or enjoying a meal. Minimal without lacking vibrancy, ROCCA Stools are upholstered in soft fabric in a variety of colors from mustard yellow to dusty rose.

The circular steel base is the mastery behind the design, with a bent shape that is both stable and flexible at the same time. The stools are affordable and lightweight, perfect for group meetings, brainstorming activities or as additional seating at home. 

Pink flexible stool rocca stool alexander rehn materia ab

“‘I wanted to design a fun product that would encourage the body to move, a way to stay active,” said Alexander Rehn. You can find these youthful, contemporary stools on the Materia AB website.