Colorful Craft Paper Designs for Children Room Decorations

Children’s sight develops overtime with the ability to see in black and white, then basic shapes, eventually they begin to see more colors and details, learning to identify with a desire to interact with the world around them through touch.

Creating colorful designs using simple shapes and turning them into things children enjoy like plants and animals is a great way to decorate their bedroom or play areas especially between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

Take craft paper with a nice sheen to it. I like to use sparkly cream colored craft paper so I can paint on it before cutting it into shapes.

Using watercolor and a brush I paint on both sides of the paper, creating a sort of abstract sunset or landscape scene. Watercolor works great because the colors blend together nicely creating a pretty rainbow effect.

Fold the paper multi times and use scissors to cut shapes and fringes into the paper. The same way you may have made snowflakes as a child.

You can cut into every side where the paper is folded and closed, there is one side where the paper opens, leave that as is.

Open up your design! Depending on the shapes you cut, there will be cool combinations of colors and patterns. From there you can turn them into different animals and designs.

Using mod podge (a craft adhesive) glue your colorful craft paper designs on a canvas or board which can be hung directly on the wall. Don’t glue the paper all the way down, leave certain parts of the animal popping up to create a cool 3D effect.